PCBA DC Brushless Motor Controller PCBA

PCBA DC Brushless Motor Controller PCBA

Item Description

PCBA DC Brushless motor controller PCBA

Commodity Introduction
This is a variety of FR-4 PCB for the software of digital items. It really is a two layer board at one.6mm thick. The foundation laminate is from ITEQ, Solder mask and silkscreen from Taiyo. It’s fabricated for each IPC 6012 Class 2 employing supplied Gerber info. Every single ten boards or panels are packed independently.

Parameters & Info Sheet

Board dimension 110x 23mm
Board Type CZPT Sided PCB
Board Thickness 1.6mm +/-.16
Board Material FR-four
Board Material Supplier ITEQ
Tg Value of Board Material 135ºC
Surface Finish HASL Lead free
RoHS Required Yes
Surface Cu thickness 35 um (1oz)
Color of Silkscreen White
Number of Silkscreen one
Solder Mask Colour Inexperienced
Number of Solder Masks 2
Thickness of Solder Mask 13um
Through hole assembly Indeed
Sides of through hole assembly two
SMD assembly Indeed
Sides of SMD assembly 2
Total quantity of components fifteen
Quantity of SMT 8
Quantity of Through holes  seven
RoHS Required Yes





PCBA DC Brushless Motor Controller PCBA